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Plant Nutrition for Sustainable Food Production and Environment

Plant Nutrition for Sustainable Food Production and Environment


Herausgeber: Mae, Tadahiko, Fujita, Kounosuke, Ando, Tadao, Mori, Satoshi, Matsumoto, Hideaki, Reprinted from PLANT AND SOIL, 1997
1997 - Springer Netherlands
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In the history of the International Plant Nutrition Colloquium from its first meeting in 1954, this meeting, the 13th Colloquium, is the first to be held in Asia and will be the last in the 20th century. The 20th century has seen huge changes in the number and activities of mankind. Our population has increased from around 1. 7 billion to more than 5. 8 billion and technological innovations have completely altered our way of living. As a consequence of such rapid change, we are facing many problems including changes in our environment of a global scale. But, while food shortage has been a serious concern to mankind throughout our history, serious food shortages in the 20th century have been confined to limited times and areas. As Lester Brown discusses in this volume, farmers have increased food production heroically on demand. We, the plant nutritionists should be proud of our support to the world's farmers which has helped them make their achievement possible. During the 20th century, the science of plant nutrition also has achieved great progress as described by Jack Loneragan; it became established as a discipline firmly based in science, defined the chemical elements supporting plant growth, and has contributed to improvements in plant production and environmental quality, as readers will find in many contributions in this volume.

Proceedings of the XIII International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, 13-19 September 1997, Tokyo, Japan

Plenary papers.- Plant nutrition in the 20th and perspectives for the 21st century.- Facing the challenge of food scarcity: Can we raise grain yields fast enough?.- Application of microinjection techniques to plant nutrition.- Regulation of mineral nitrogen uptake in plants.- Physiological nitrogen efficiency in rice: Nitrogen utilization, photosynthesis, and yield potential.- 1. Functions of macro and micro elements.- Does boron play only a structural role in the growing tissues of higher plants?.- Boron requirement for reproductive development in wheat.- Significance of N source (urea vs. NH4NO3) and Ni supply for growth, urease activity and nitrogen metabolism of zucchini (Cucurbita pepo convar. giromontiina) 75.- HPLC/ICP-MS study of metals bound to borate-rhamnogalacturonan-II from plant cell walls.- Ameliorative effects of phosphate and silicate on aluminum toxicity in barley and rice plants.- Effect of different concentrations of urea with or without nickel on spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) under hydroponic culture.- Leaching from the leaf surface and its significance for apoplastic ion balance.- A borate-rhamnogalacturonan II complex in germinating pollen tubes of lily (Lilium longiflorum).- Relationships between cell wall composition and leaf development in low-P mashbean (Vigna aconitifolia) plants.- Effect of potassium on EDTA-osmoticum, nitrate reductase activity and productivity of groundnut-sugarcane intercropping under water deficit conditions.- Plant tolerance to nitrogen deficit and excess: Ion compartmentation in root cells.- Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium concentrations and their balance of durum wheat plants during different growth stages.- Calcium signalling in programmed cell death in plants.- 2. Uptake and transport of nutrients I: Nutrient uptake.- Reevaluating the free-ion activity model of trace metal availability to higher plants.- Plant uptake of Cd and Zn in chelator-buffered nutrient solution depends on ligand type.- Possible role of root-ethylene in Fe(III)-phytometallophore uptake in Strategy II species.- Compartmentation and flux analysis of Ca2+ in citrus root using isotope exchange kinetics.- Characterization of ferric chelate reductase in plasma membranes isolated from cucumber roots.- Regulation of phosphate absorption by phosphorus nutritional status in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings.- The toxicity of Cu on the seedlings of a mangrove (Kandelia candel) in the presence of NaCl.- Simultaneous observation of nitrogen uptake, transport and assimilation by rice and wheat young plants fed 15N-nitrate.- Differences in growth and nutrition of legumes in varying soil temperature and phosphorus.- Uptake and translocation of N and P in Leucaena leucocephala grown at different N, P and Al concentrations.- A high affinity Na-dependent phosphate uptake induced by P starvation in Chara.- 3. Uptake and transport of nutrients II: Nutrient translocation.- Detection and characterization of nitrogen circulation through the sieve tubes and xylem vessels of rice plants.- Isolation and patch clamp measurements of xylem contact cells for the study of their role in the exchange between apoplast and symplast of leaves.- The mechanism of phloem mobility of boron.- Characteristics of light-regulated iron transport system in barley chloroplasts.- Inheritance of potassium, calcium and magnesium status in maize (Zea mays L.) plants.- Solute-pool enlargement in drought-sensitive or -tolerant grain legumes: Concentration effect or osmotic adjustment?.- Efficiency of K utilization by soybean cultivars.- Uptake and transport of positron-emitting tracer in irradiated plants.- Seasonal changes in accumulation and retranslocation of nutrients in Casuarina glauca cladodes.- Study on sugar accumulation of sweet sorghum.- The effect of the level of nitrogen supply on the amino acid composition in phloem sap and in leaf extract of rice.- Net influx of calcium and efflux of potassium in groundnut pods grown in solution culture


Plant Nutrition for Sustainable Food Production and Environment

Herausgeber: Mae, Tadahiko, Fujita, Kounosuke, Ando, Tadao, Mori, Satoshi, Matsumoto, Hideaki

Verlag: Springer Netherlands , Reprinted from PLANT AND SOIL, 1997 (1997)

Aus der Reihe:  Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences - 78

Sprache: Englisch

Gebunden, 982 S.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-7923-4796-5

Titelnr.: 22661587



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